I'm Avery Jupiter. Welcome to my internet corner! This website is under construction. I've become obsessed with coding despite having little to no experience with it until now, so check back in from time to time. There's gonna be updates pretty regularly.

In the future, I want to catalogue my interests, art, and life here. I'm planning to add an observatory for space facts and gifs, a vampire's lair, a blog, and a gallery. Maybe some other stuff, too, but I dunno.

Why though?

You may wonder, "why bother at all? Coding is hard and you have no experience. Why try and make a whole website, from scratch?" Well, mostly because it's fun. I have a couple friends on Neocities, and I'm following in their footsteps.

There's also the Elon Musk situation on Twitter. I've never had a twitter, but it's a reminder that the web isn't really ours anymore. It worries me. I was a 2000s baby, I'm not old enough to remember the real old web. Yet I'm still old enough to have noticed the place where I spend most of my time going downhill. Subscriptions, ads, boring corporate web design, oh my! This is my own small rebellion against capitalism and the horrors of the modern web. It incorporates some stuff I remember (glitter everywhere, fun colours and buttons, dolls) and also some stuff I don't (anything from the 90s or REAL early 2000s), all wrapped up in a bow of shitty HTML and CSS. Enjoy your stay, and remember, NFTS and Elon Musk can burn.